I am a member of the research faculty at the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, University of Oklahoma.  My major research interests are archaeological geophysics, monumental architecture, experimental archaeology, ceramic analysis, and settlement patterns.  Geographically, my focus is on the southeastern United States, particularly pre-contact Mississippian and ancestral Caddo people, although I also have research interests in Mesoamerica, particularly at Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico.  I am currently accepting graduate students.

My current research is based  primarily on Spiro and related sites in the northeastern and east-central parts of Oklahoma and surrounding states.  The goals are to develop a fuller understanding of the archaeology of eastern Oklahoma in order to allow meaningful comparisons with data from Mississippian groups to the east.  Projects combine reanalysis of existing collections with new survey and excavation work to explore the settlement patterns and social organization of the region.  I recently co-authored a book on this topic. I am particularly interested in the application of geophysical survey to the understanding of archaeological landscapes.


Contact Information:

Oklahoma Archeological Survey

University of Oklahoma

111 Chesapeake St.

Norman, OK 73019

Phone: 405-325-7207

Fax: 405-325-7604


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